About my blog

I want to highlight self-discovery and self-expression through an art form, and encourage finding your uniqueness doing something you have interest(s) in. For multi-passionate, creatives and curious, I want to inspire a way of living creatively. In my opinion, art is a way of self-development. It helps losing yourself and truly being in the moment, it challenges you to break through limits and push through blocks, forcing you to get out of your comfort zone and grow. It can give your purpose, make you feel alive or even help you escape certain hard times. It’s an amazing way to express yourself in different ways and let your feelings speak. I want to encourage you to listen to your intuition, and follow through those strong interests. Get yourself out there, take risks by acting on what fascinates you, be vulnerable, truly express yourself and discover yourself, expand your limits, create the best version of yourself.

WHAT DO I MEAN BY ART FORM / INTEREST or PASSION: Art for me is a way of expressing oneself, discovering oneself, and grounding yourself in the moment. And in my opinion, anything that we do can be an art form, meaning a way of self-expression, self-discovery or even just a way of being  in the moment (enjoying the present moment).  So why not use something that engage you, triggers you, that is meaningful to you, something that you feel an interest for to explore and expand yourself, to articulate or shape who you are. What’s great about it, is that you get to decide what it is, there is no limit to what your art form / interest can be. (list of some art form – exemples)

Just a little warning; art and self expression / self discovery is about being vulenerable, it is normable to feel discomfort. When it get difficult, that does not mean you lose interest in it or you start disliking that particular interest. See it as a good as a good sign, meaning, it’s something that is worth it, that is challenging you and that it is actually helping you grow, that’s why you are feeling discomfort. If you feel pressure about your passion, release some pressure by not making it so dramatically serious, see it more as an interest, just have fun with it and built from there.

Now if you have so many interests that you don’t know where to start, pick the ones that are exciting, or that you are strongly drawn to, pick the ones that are aligned with your life purpose and make you grow in that way, pick the one that will help you truly express yourself. Ask yourself: WHAT IS MY INTENTION? If you want to combine a few, try to find out what is the connecting link, why do you feel interested about those matters in particular.

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About Me

My name is Nancy Kimiyo, I am a creative with multiple interests, or what I like to call “being curious”, I love learning new things and new skills. I am detail oriented, I find the little things interesting, they are what spice the whole, what create the flavor. I think it’s what gives the element of surprise, and makes something unique and special.

My current “passions”, that I use as my way of self-discovery and self-expressions are TRAVEL ∴ FASHION ∴ MOVEMENT ∴ PHOTOGRAPHY

What I like about it

  • TRAVEL: going on adventure and discovering the world hidden gems. (wander and be in the moment)
  • FASHION: expressing style and my feeling. (Learn how people use fashion to express themselves, different styles)
  • MOVEMENT: expressing oneself without word and be in the moment (learning about the body – feelings)
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: capturing stories, moments.

Link between them: for me they are my way to express myself different ways, tell a story and being in the moment.

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