About Me

Some more about me

I am half French (mom) and Japanese (dad), currently based in California. I lived in France, Japan, Spain,& Poland (so far), I am married to Troy (check out his art @troyaustria) and I have one big brother (check out his art @yamax84). I am a dancer (haven’t been active lately but I will always be a dancer) and love to be surrounded by creative minds, I am also giving a shot to modeling. My secret desire is to do acting!

Some of the things I love doing are watching movies and series, listening to music (Hip Hop, House, R&B and Future Beat). Also traveling, shopping & photography ( but you know that already).

I sometimes like to imagine I live in a movie / series – living crazy adventures and I get really excited when I see in real life stuff I’ve seen in movies!

My weakness is to be a perfectionist, it often holds me back and it’s an excuse for me not to put stuff out there, and this blog is for me to be vulnerable and take action on my ideas.

There is not much more to say, other than I hope I will get to know you, because I like connecting with new and like minded people. I really appreciate you showing interest in my blog and hope it will give you some value and inspiration.


Nancy Kimiyo A.