Liz Clark’s Style

Written by Nancy Kimiyo

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Meet: Elizabeth Clark (Liz)

A little bit about Liz
Stage: Elizabeth Ann Poinsette
Professional dancer and circus artist. I am an all around lover and adventurer.  I am a workaholic and coffee lover.  I will always pride myself on being a kind and open person who wishes to continue to grow and spread love and understanding everywhere.

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Q: Pick 3 to 5 words to describe your:
A: STYLE: Funky/ comfy/ whatever happens my fancy.  - trust me that is one word. :’
A: PERSONALITY: Blunt/ spunky/ fire

Q: What influences your style
A: Eeevvveerrryyything!!!!!

Q: What is your source of inspiration
A: Colors, people, feelings.

Q: Do you use fashion as a creative way to express yourself 
A: Yes although due to my profession I usually find myself in leggings and tanks. lol

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Q: What is your go to item(s) or favorites
A: Sunglasses ( funky styles)​

Q: In your opinion, what makes a style unique
That it fits your vibe and you rock the shit out of it!! OWN IT

Q: What’s your way of put an outfit together
A: I go by how i feel at the moment.  sometimes it just happens and I throw things together and I love it.  other days it takes me a while cause I may just not be feeling what I am seeing or my combo that day.  I say if you feel it, patterns mis matching or not, go for it!! YOUR ATTITUDE IS THE ULTIMATE ACCESSORY.

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Find out more about Liz:
Facebook: Liz Clark
Please take a few minutes and go take a look at what she does because she is a really talented artist!
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