Jessie Levine’s Style

Written by Nancy Kimiyo

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Meet: Jessie Levine

A little bit about Jessie:
I am a yoga instructor, dancer, and acrobat. I grew up as a competitive gymnast, so I tend to be very determined, hard working, and I love a challenge. As a teacher, I love to share my experiences of confronting challenges with others. I am disciplined, and analytical, so I am good at breaking things down, and inspiring others to see new possibilities in themselves.

Pick 3 to 5 words to describe your:
STYLE: clean, sexy, and classy.

PERSONALITY: sweet, loving, dedicated, serious


Q: What influences your style
A:  Comfort, ease of movement, flattering to the body, enhance my Jessie-ness

Her source of inspiration: physical movement, life’s challenges/struggles, relationships, love

Q: Do you use fashion as a creative way to express yourself
A: Mostly I use it as an accessory to being myself, but I don’t know that my style express who I am.

Q: What is your go to item(s) or favorites
A: To be honest, my plain black yoga pants. Dress them up, dress them down - they allow me to move, and they accentuated my strong body.


Q: In your opinion, what makes a style unique
A: Besides unique designers and articles of clothing, I think it’s the way the person wears it. Their confidence, the style they bring to the clothing. The way they put their personality on the outfit.

Q: What’s your way of put an outfit together
A: I generally go with intuition. Sounds silly to say about clothing but I open my closet or my dresser, put my hand out, and see what I’m drawn to. Usually I start with pants first, and then find a bra and top that make sense with that look!


Anything you want to share:
Loved working with Kimiyo! I feel like I really got to just be myself, and I had fun exploring, playing with the scenery, and with my movements and style. Thank you!


Find out more about Jessie:

Go take a look at her art and follow her. She is an amazing yoga / dance instructor, and also a beautiful person and soul. I promise you will find inspiration in what she is sharing.

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