What kind of traveler are you?

Written by Nancy Kimiyo

We all travel in our own way and like doing different types of activities! What is / are your favorite one(s)?

Maybe you can find some inspiration here and try another way of visiting and exploring the places on your bucket list and get a new perspective of the world.

  • The tourist

You go to a place and do the main attractions. Most of the time you already know what you are going to visit, maybe even have an itinerary and a list of the places you will visit each day. You visit the most famous spots and do the most popular activities.

  • The explorer

You have an idea of what you want to visit but leave also an opening to just walk around and look at what’s around you. You want to see the main attractions but also are curious about those local spots, trying to dig in more into the local life.

  • The adventurer

You just go to a place and figure it all out on the spot, you just go where ever the wind brings you. You just go by ear and try to find what’s interesting. You generally like to find those little hidden gems, those local spots that not a lot of people know about and really submerge you in the culture.


I am definitely a combo of all of above! Depending on the trip, where I go, for how long and with who. But in general, I am an explorer, I do like to see the main touristic spots but I love those little gems that mainly only locals know about and surround myself with the authentic culture of the place I go to, not just those accommodated for the tourists.


So what type of traveler do you think you are? And what are you favorite things to do when you travel? Please share your experience in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!

Nancy Kimiyo A.

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