Photography start up – from a beginner point of view

Written by Nancy Kimiyo

I don’t really remember when I really started showing interest in photography, but I know that I always enjoyed capturing moments and engraving memories.
I never really realized how much creative process there was behind a photograph. I started with no knowledge or even a clue of the photography art form. For me it was just literally “point and shoot”. If something was catching my eye, I would just capture it, it was as simple as that. I had NO IDEA, how complex photography could get.

Now, I am slowly learning how to use my camera properly, in full manual mode, and composing my shots. My favorite thing right now to learn about is composition, really putting thought into framing the shot, and taking full control and “responsibility” of what’s inside my image. There are so many techniques to learn and play around with, I can’t wait to keep on trying and developing my skills.


1. Theory

As with any other skill, theories are good to learn but practice, in my opinion, is the most effective way to make progress and develop your style. Going out there and shooting is really what’s going to help develop those skills that you need. You’ll get more use with your camera, learn to use it in different conditions and you will be stretching your eyes to see new perspectives and angles. I would still like to learn theory first so I know what I can work on to develop my skills, it gives me a base, so I can lay out what I should focus on and practice.

2. Practice

What I’ve been doing to push myself to get better is in challenging myself. Challenging yourself helps you focus on one specific aspect of the skill, not only in photography but in any skill you want to develop. Some ideas I’ve been working on is to look for a specific color, or look for leading lines, or look for a character. Maybe you can try to focus on one subject and see how many different angles or perspective you can come with, and how many different shots you can come up with. I found those little challenges really useful to stretch out my creativity, expand my possibilities and use what’s available to me.

3. Play around

What I mean by that is to just go out and shoot, without thinking about any technicality, you can just put your camera into auto mode, and just have fun with it. For me this part is the time when you develop your “style”, you learn about what you like to do and maybe you will come up with something that’s unique, that you won’t learn anywhere.
I like to do this part before learning anything about a skill, because you have a total freedom. No thinking, no rules. Just you, doing you. You can come up with your own techniques and then add what you learn on top of it, this may help creating uniqueness.


I will share what I am learning as I work on my skill, in hope to inspire and help you in learning something new or at least give you some “new” ideas to try out to develop your skills.

What is your learning process? What are the things that you like to do to learn a new skill? Or for instance, what help you learning more about photography? Please share your experience in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!

Nancy Kimiyo .A

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