Benefits of making art

Written by Nancy Kimiyo

Let’s start with, what is art? To me everything is art and it can be anything that we want it to be, depending on perspective. It often shows in a form of passion, interest, and something that catches our attention, motivates us or creates a strong desire. I believe art is a powerful tool for personal development, it’s theraputic, inspiring and … fill in the blank here by anything that you want it to be for yourself. I will talk about different ways art can be benefitial for us in my point of view. From expressing ourselves, to just finding relief or joy and making time for youreself.


We can tune in, and reflect on ourselves, discover more about ourselves and our feelings. Art gives the opportunity to go deeper within ourselves and tap into our higherselves, connect with our spirituality, whatever our beleifs are.


We can express who we truly are, how we currently feel  or even those unexpressed or repressed feelings, and feelings we don’t know how to express in our day to day life. Art is a vehicle to tell something in many ways.

Expand limits

Challenge yourself, take risks, get out of the comfort zone, expand limiting beleifs, push your boundries and grow

More exemples

  1. Being in the moment
  2. Bring relief
  3. Bring joy
  4. Escape a situation
  5. Find answers
  6. Time for yourself
  7. Inspire others

It can be anything that we want it to be or that we can imagine (for ourselves and others)

Keep in mind, sometimes it will be easy, and really fun, other times it might get harder and counter intuitive. Either way, practice should help develop your art, and help you grow as a person. I hope you find inspiration and take action on your art.

Nancy Kimiyo A.


Now it’s, your turn, tell me what is art for you and list what is / are your form(s) of art? What helps you express yourself and find yourself? It can be one, multiple or even a combination. Can’t wait to hear from you!

It's only fair to share.

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  1. Pat Knauer says:

    I love your blog! To me, art is what comes from the heart and soul as it creates life in its purest form. It is expansion, beauty, love, and creativity. It is who we are and the highest form of gratitude. Art is life.